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Figuring Things Out

June 17, 2008

It’s interesting trying to find my way through the intricate world that is the blogging/MySpace/Facebook. I have added a couple of clients since last I wrote and trying to figure out what is best for each is part of the challenge and fun of doing this for a living…okay, on the side of my living. Certain people/companies have their particular needs. It certainly keeps life interesting.


Leaning Towards Facebook

May 14, 2008

From everything I’m hearing, MySpace is sort of, dare I say, a slightly racy version of Facebook. Facebook seems to have more safeguards to keep out the dregs, so to speak, that one would not want a client to have to deal with — am I right? I’m still torn because in many ways, I like the flexibility of MySpace… the bloging vs. “the wall” of notes you get on Facebook. So, still researching…. any thoughts?

Facebook or MySpace?

May 7, 2008

If I wanted to do something for a group along the lines of a Facebook or MySpace, something where people could connect as friends, keep updated on the latest happenings for the group, which would be better? One of these or something else? Why do you like it best?