Figuring Things Out

June 17, 2008

It’s interesting trying to find my way through the intricate world that is the blogging/MySpace/Facebook. I have added a couple of clients since last I wrote and trying to figure out what is best for each is part of the challenge and fun of doing this for a living…okay, on the side of my living. Certain people/companies have their particular needs. It certainly keeps life interesting.


Writing for Others

May 25, 2008

Blogger Seth Godin has a great post about communication — that maybe as we try to say something and it isn’t getting through, it’s better to change your words (or as Frank Luntz would say, use words that work) than just yell the same ones louder. This is something that makes things difficult for the average blogger, being that you can’t adjust your words to fit your audience because you don’t know who your audience is. That is just one of the challenges of a blogger in this worldwide Internet audience. But it’s also part of the fun!

Leaning Towards Facebook

May 14, 2008

From everything I’m hearing, MySpace is sort of, dare I say, a slightly racy version of Facebook. Facebook seems to have more safeguards to keep out the dregs, so to speak, that one would not want a client to have to deal with — am I right? I’m still torn because in many ways, I like the flexibility of MySpace… the bloging vs. “the wall” of notes you get on Facebook. So, still researching…. any thoughts?

Facebook or MySpace?

May 7, 2008

If I wanted to do something for a group along the lines of a Facebook or MySpace, something where people could connect as friends, keep updated on the latest happenings for the group, which would be better? One of these or something else? Why do you like it best?

Building Business

April 26, 2008

I have been working on my first client’s site a great deal and am having a terrific time. Working on it doesn’t mean just writing and designing the site but also going out into the blogsphere to meet people/communties who would be apt to want to use their service. It is an interesting process to grow a community from scratch, building up traffic and hopefully inspiring them to go through the process to then buy the product…in this case, a fantastic cake to ship elsewhere.

WordPress, Blogger or Some Other Service?

March 11, 2008

So which blogging site is the best? I find different things to love about WordPress and Blogger. I love that Blogger is reasonably easy to manipulate the look of it. WordPress wants me to pay/upgrade in order to tinker with my color scheme. That bugs me. But WordPress, to me, looks more professional and writing individual posts can be easier. Anyone out there have any suggestions?

Finding What’s Right For You

March 4, 2008

One web site that has helped me in figuring out what I want to do is on my blogroll to the right, Author Susan Dansby writes helpful, often inspirational posts about focusing your thoughts and energy to get what you want — that dream job. One particular post, When Job Hunter is Ready, Job Guru Appears turned out to be particularly prophetic. A few days ago, I was having breakfast with a friend and it was through talking with her that this web site was born. I think what it spells out to me is being open, not giving up and doing something you love is what it’s all about. Do that and things start to come together. I’m excited about the process. That should make my dad happy. He loves that word. But that’s a post for another day.

My New Venture

March 4, 2008

Blogging is something I love to do, so I decided today to try to make it my business… and yours. I can help you market yourself — by creating a blog tailored to your needs, writing the content, maintaining/updating your blog as well as going out into the blogsphere to get to know your special niche community and help them get to know you. Blogs are an excellent communication tool with clients or suppliers, and we can use it to drum up new business.

Do you have any advice for me as a new entrepreneur — what to look out for, resources? I’d love to hear it.